Sunday, November 5, 2017

Week Recap: Fall Leaves, Football, Eats, Workouts + More

Hello lovelies!

Happy Sunday to you all...I know I usually post my weekly recaps on Monday but I thought I would go ahead and get it up tonight instead. I have a busy week coming up so I wanted to make sure I still get a blog post up. Let's jump right in to this weekly recap!

Last Monday flew by at work... Like, I have no clue where the day went! Actually, the entire WEEK flew by last week. I'm not sure if it was because it was my last week with all my people or what, but it definitely went by fast. Anyways, I started out with my morning cup of coffee and we had a fun game of Phone-Call Bingo that took place that day. We always had monthly activities in that department-- to keep things from getting stale. That's one thing I'm definitely going to miss. :(

I only needed ONE MORE to have Bingo... Laaaaame! (Not pictured, I took this first thing that morning)
After work, we headed to church for a big music practice. I honestly didn't feel like going... I wanted to stay home and watch a Christmas movie! I'm still not over this stupid sickness and when I feel like this, I tend to be a hermit. Speaking of Christmas though... I finally started my Christmas shopping and I'm feeling accomplished. If you don't shop online, you're seriously missing out! It's. So. Easy. Amazon is definitely my friend this time of year-- I plan on doing a "gift guide" in a couple of weeks... Get excited! <3

Tuesday was another day at work and it was also Halloween! It turned out to be a beautiful day so I got to pull out my cozy fall sweater to wear...
After work, it was time for an intense gym sesh! I am feeling so motivated right now... I saw a couple pictures of myself the other day and realized how much weight I've put on the past few months. I can mostly see it in my face... And here's one of the reasons why: Bleh. No Self-Control.
I've been "yolo-ing" it with my diet lately but I refuse to let myself go back and lose all the progress I've made. After having that peanut butter chocolate chip pizza at work (which was totally nice of our bosses to do butttt....*hitting forehead*), I was determined to sweat my booty off that night. This particular day was leg day. I'll post the workout I did below... Make sure to give it a try if you want to get a good burn!

It was SO cold in the gym... Brrrr.

The gym crew... (Yes, the scary dummy bag as well... Ha! Sometimes that thing seriously creeps me out while I work out... LOL!)

Wednesday was a really good day at work. By this point in the week, I was trying to take in every last second of my time left in my old department. My awesome friend, Alex, helped me get my new MacBook up and running on our lunch break. That dude is so smart when it comes to technology! I'm so glad I have friends that know what they're doing when it comes to this kind of stuff. I'm technologically challenged. Ha! 
After work, I met mom for our weekly Mexican food fix. When I got home, I took a short stroll down our street and looked at the pretty fall trees. The weather was PERFECT so I wanted to take it all in for a few minutes before church. <3
That brings us to Thursday. You know those days that you just feel... down? That was my day! I'm not sure if it was because I started cleaning out my desk and packing up my things to move or what, but I just felt kind of sad. When I got off work, I headed straight to the gym and worked my butt off. I was in one of those moods where I was working out so intensely that the time flew by.
When I got home, all I wanted to do was watch 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and of course Netflix didn't have it anymore. Ugh. So I decided to cook dinner instead for Tyler and I... Salmon and Jasmine Rice! Sounds easy right? Ha! I undercooked the salmon, forgot to vent the bag of rice before putting it in the microwave and it exploded everywhere. At that point, I literally just started bawling my eyes out... I had burn marks on my arms and neck from where the rice exploded on me and a huge mess to clean up. Tyler hurried to help me clean up and comfort me! Ha! He then did the sweetest thing ever for me... I came in to the living room and he had found 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' on a different program and had it waiting for me! <3 (I cried... again! LOL)

Friday got here and I said goodbye to all of my friends... I won't go in to all of that again since I did a separate blog post on it but yeah... tough day! Lots of hugs went around! Ha! 

All packed up...

I was planning on putting up my Christmas tree Friday night but honestly, it was hot outside and it just didn't feel like the Holiday season! *eye roll* Instead, we grabbed a pizza on the way home after grocery shopping and watched Hallmark movies. I also fell asleep to the sound of the ocean thanks to my new favorite app, Deep Relax. LOL Don't judge me... Just try it for yourself! ;) (Music Box and Ocean together is amazing!)

Saturday morning, I woke up and headed to my hair salon to get my hair colored and trimmed. I'm wanting to get back to my natural hair color since my hair is in such bad shape-- and the blonde is definitely NOT helping! (Even though I love my blonde hair!!!) I love my hair girl... She always knows how to give me the perfect balance. She made my hair much darker but then ran some blonde throughout it so I could still have some in it.

I'm REALLY thinking about going shorter next time...

That evening, we went to my parents house for football and Frito chili pies! My sister and brother-n-law were in town so I was really happy to see them.

As far as today goes, I'm about to head to church and tomorrow I start my new job! I am SO nervous but I know it's going to be great. I only work 3 1/2 days this week and then I'm headed to Georgia for my cousin's wedding so I don't figure the training will be too intense. I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Love always,

"The words you speak become the house you live in."

Friday, November 3, 2017

A Bittersweet Day: Here's To A New Chapter

Hello lovelies!

As you can see from the title of this post, today was a bittersweet day for me. I have accepted a new position within my company and today I said goodbye to my co-workers from past three years. :(

I honestly didn't think it was going to be hard as it was-- but I didn't enjoy it one bit. I have made some of the most amazing friendships, ones that have become a huge part of my every day life! A couple of them have even become some of my BEST friends if I'm being honest. They know the good and the bad about me, and they've never left my side. They've gotten me through some hard times and I couldn't be more thankful. And although I know I will still talk to them all the time... it won't be the same as getting to see them every day!

One of my co-workers told me yesterday morning as we were coming in to work: "It's going to be so weird pulling in the parking lot and not seeing your car first thing!" Haha!

I've made so many memories the past three years--whether it be from our annual Hot Dog cook-outs, Snow-Cone Days, Ice-Cream Bars or Chili Cook-Offs. The only definition I can think of when it comes to U-Pack is... family. Getting to start my U-Pack journey off in the Quality department really gave me the chance to get to know almost everyone-- both sales and operations! And spending the last year in operations, I've gotten to know that side on a different level.

Anyways, all of this to say... As happy as I am for my new job and to meet new people, I will really miss my U-Pack family! One of my co-workers said something and it kind of stuck with me... "Change is always uncomfortable at first but everything ALWAYS turns out for the better in the end." I'm sticking to that! <3

I tried to get some pictures throughout the week... I wish I would have gotten more but I totally failed. Ha! I thought I'd go ahead and share some of them anyways, along with a couple sweet going away gifts I got today... :)

I came in this morning to flowers and a card on my desk... and also got my favorite flavor of kickstart brought to me! <3

First up, I wanna say how much I love this lady right here! I've been with Momma Twana since the beginning and we have been through a lot together... Especially a lot of change the last year! So thankful for her!

Next up, my "ride or die" crew... LOL! These were the first people that I sat by when I moved to operations and they helped me SO much as I learned everything. Jamie, Scott and Clark were so much fun to sit by and we had some great times!
I'll miss my work bestie! :( 

One of my best friends (Josh) and I drinking our last Kickstart together for a while! Haha! I clearly wasn't ready when he was smiling for the picture but oh well. This is pretty much us at all times! (Shout out to Alex, another one of my best friends (who I didn't get a picture with sadly) for taking these pictures!
And last but not least, the crew I've had the pleasure of sitting by for the last two months. Although we didn't get as much time to get to know each other, they have been a blast to sit by!

Love always,

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Music Spotlight (Week 3)

Hello lovelies!

Today's Music Feature isn't really a new song, but I'm still loving it so much! It's been around for a few good months now but it doesn't seem to be getting old on the radio yet. Let's hop right in to it...

This weeks Music Feature is: "Small Town Boy" by Dustin Lynch

"She likes my T-shirt
She likes my old boots
Likes to slow dance to some old school
She'll take a full moon over them city lights..." 

Those are some of my favorite lyrics out of the song. I just think this is the perfect example of a "simple" kind of love! As much as I love to travel and see different places, I will always love being from a small town/south-- where things are nice and slow. <3

Before I sign off, I just want to say how amazing Dustin's new album is! (The album that today's song is from) It's called "Current Mood" and it's one of those albums that is just... GOOD. Plain and simple! I'm going to post my favorite songs from the album below... Be sure to check them out! 

  • I'd Be Jealous Too
  • Here We Come
  • Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
  • Back On It
  • State Lines

Love always,

Monday, October 30, 2017

Week Recap: Maren Morris Concert, New Friends, Eats & Workouts

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all are having a great Monday. I also hope you're ready for a massive recap post!

Last Monday was SO beautiful outside... We had a ton of fall colored leaves in our front yard and it's starting to really look and feel like fall. Yay! I'm getting ready to put my Christmas tree up in the next few days and I'm so excited. <3 Anyways, after work that day, I headed to the gym for a lifting sesh with Tyler! It was an upper body workout...
Shout-out to our "special" (emphasis on special) friend, Shawn. He so badly wanted to be in my blog post so I'm making his dreams come true... Haha! For real though, glad we have good friends to workout with-- It makes the gym sessions a little more fun!
After our workout, our friend Chase asked if we wanted to meet him for dinner. We met him at Cheddar's and it was pretty tasty.
Tuesday was a very slow day at work...but luckily I work with some pretty great people so it makes the day a little easier. After work, I headed to the gym once again and got a leg day in. I have a love/hate relationship with leg days. Ha! Luckily, this particular workout went realllly well. I got in there and crushed it! Speaking of crushing workouts, am I the only girl out there that plans her workouts around her hair washing schedule? LOL Everyone makes fun of me but it's true... The days I don't plan on washing my hair, I do a lighter workout so I don't sweat. The days I know I'm going to be washing my hair, I work my butt off. I usually do extra cardio at the end of my workouts on those days as well. Side note: I love my elephant shirt... Elephants are one of my favorite animals! ;)
Audrey (my awesome co-worker) made dinner for us and it was delicious--She even named it after me! "Charity's Pizza Pull-Apart Sammich"  I'm pretty sure she told me it was the first thing to sell out last week... Ha! ;)
Nothing major happened on Wednesday or Thursday besides church and nightly workouts like usual. I feel like I say that every week but I guess that's what you get when you're a corporate workin' gal! I'm going to post proof that I did make it to the gym at least 3 times this week though... (even though I technically went 4 times! BOOM!)
Friday, Tyler and I got off work early and headed to Tulsa to see Maren Morris...
 Oh! I did get my nails done on Thursday...(Duh Charity!) I'll insert a picture! This is my favorite color ever!
Anyways... Back to Friday night! ;) I had been looking forward to this concert f.o.r.e.v.e.r and she definitely didn't disappoint! As I've mentioned a billion times, she has one of the best albums ever. There were a couple of months back that I literally listened to it all day, every day. Ha! I can't wait for her next one!

Before the concert, we ate at Cheesecake Factory... Even though we had said we weren't going to this time! Whoops.
Once we got to the Brady Theatre, we got to our seats and then it got interesting...

The opening artist began (who is actually Maren Morris' fiancé btw), and the people in front of us stood. Naturally, Tyler and I stood as well. Before I knew it, this older lady was tapping on my shoulder telling me to SIT DOWN because her and her family couldn't see. Uhhhhh, you're at a country concert ma'am, not the opera! I had never been told to sit down at a concert before-- it threw me off. I tried not to be rude to her but told her no at first because we couldn't see with the people standing in front of us. She THEN got up, walked up to the other people standing, told THEM to sit down and then "made" us sit. I was literally SO MAD... lol There was a couple sitting next to us and once the opening artist was done, the incident that had just taken place struck up a conversation between us. We wound up having a TON in common and had an awesome time getting to know them. (Hey Larissa and Eric!) We wound up becoming friends on Facebook and plan to stay in touch. We also plan on meeting up again one day! They love going to country concerts... I'm pretty sure they've been to more than us! 

The concert was soooo good! I was honestly a little "iffy" about whether she was going to be any good live. Any time I've heard her on TV, I haven't been impressed. However, she was actually really good and I would see her again! 
Her and her fiancé, Ryan Hurd, sang a song together called "Chasing After You" and it was amazing. However, I can't find it anywhere on YouTube. I believe it's going to be on her next album so I will post it as soon as it comes out. Until then, enjoy this song that Ryan wrote about how he and Maren Morris met... He sang it at the concert and it was super sweet! <3

Saturday we took fall pictures and then chilled around the house for most of the day. I watched some Hallmark movies and fell asleep later that evening.

Sunday (yesterday) was church and we met my parents for lunch at Frank's Italian Restaurant afterwards...
We ended the evening by watching Charlie Brown: The Great Pumpkin. I seriously love this time of year when all of these little shows start playing. Now another work week has begun and it's going to be a bittersweet one... But more on that later! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Love always,

"Life isn't meant to be easy, it's meant to be lived... Sometimes happy, other times rough. But with every up and down you learn lessons that make you strong."

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Movie Spotlight (Week 2)

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm coming at you with a movie spotlight! I have never really been a big movie person but here lately, I've found myself watching more and more of them. I think I briefly mentioned this movie in one of my recap posts but I wanted to let you know how great it actually is!

This weeks MOVIE Spotlight is: "High Strung"
(Click below if you're interested in buying it!)

I know I usually like cheesy/romantic love stories but this movie is NOT cheesy at all. It was actually put together rather well. If you love music at all-- whether it be Classical or Hip-Hop, you will thoroughly enjoy this film. Not only is it heavily music driven, it also incorporates a bunch of dancing as well. Something about music and dancing is super moving to me!

A brief overview: A Classical dancer moves to Manhattan to go to a Conservatory of the Arts. She meets an "edgy/moody" guy who plays the violin on the New York City subway. A lot of things take place within the movie but they wind up working together (along with some Hip-Hop friends) to try and win a competition. And of course it's a love story as well. ;)

I hope you all give this movie a try... And if you do, make sure you let me know what you think!.

P.S. You can find it on Netflix!

Love always,

This blog post contains affiliate links... All opinions are my own and I would never recommend something I don't truly love! :)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Food, food and more food...

Hello lovelies!

It's that time again... My weekly recap!

I guess I left off on Monday night so we'll start there... I made some pretty yummy pasta for dinner. I bought a new pasta sauce last weekend and I wanted to give it a try. We also had some leftover beef that I had cooked up a few days prior so all I had to do was cook the pasta and voilà, we had a tasty meal!

Tuesday morning, I woke up and was. not. feeling. it. ("It" as in doing anything at all. I didn't want to do my hair, makeup, go to work..etc.) I had taken Benadryl the night before because this horrible cough won't go away. That stuff knocks me out! Ha! I finally made it out of bed, put a small amount of foundation on and rocked my glasses that day. I was in zombie mode for most the day but still managed to get a workout in that night.

And yes, I worked out in my glasses... I'm tellin' y'all, I had zero cares! LOL

Tyler and I opted for some Thai food after our workout...

Wednesday was work and church, per usual. I've been on the turkey burger and rice kick again for my lunches. It's definitely not a "pretty" meal, but it keeps me full throughout the day.

When I got off work, I met my mom for our weekly Wednesday night Mexican fix. Mexican food is my favorite! I enjoy those dinners with my mum! <3

Nothing too special or crazy happened on Thursday. However, Friday was a really great day at work... There were a ton of people out and the managers that were there ordered a giant peanut butter chocolate chip cookie pizza for us. After work, we met Tyler's parents at Bricktown Brewery for dinner and then got our grocery shopping out of the way.

Bricktown has the best salad...

Saturday we ate lunch and got some cupcakes from Sweet Boutique (again) for the games that day. We literally stayed inside all day and it was nice. I haven't been feeling that great... I hope I'm almost at the end of this sickness.

Anyways, I know this recap has been mostly "eats" from the week but since I have been sick, I haven't really done anything other than eat and relax. Haha Before I sign off, I did want to tell you about an instagram account I've been loving. If you're anything like me, I dream of getting to travel one day--Paris, London, Italy, etc. I found the @italian_eye_  instagram page and fell in love with it. The owner's name of the account is Angela and I believe she lives in London. Her instagram is so beautiful and I literally get lost in dream-land when I scroll through it. Definitely check it out! <3

Here's a little glimpse... 
Well I think that's all for now... I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Love always,

"Self-discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don't control what you think, you can't control what you do."

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Music Spotlight (Week 1)

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm going to be doing something a little different. I thought it might be fun to have little blog posts dedicated to any music and/or movies that I'm currently loving. I know a lot of times I will post a song or video at the end of my giant recap posts, but I figured this way I could keep it separate and really "spotlight" the music/movie for you all! (Hence the title, teehee) I am a HUGE music person and I get so excited when I find new songs that I love. Heck, I get super excited when I RE-DISCOVER a song that I may have known for years. ;) I've also been watching a lot more movies lately and I've found some really good ones as well! I know these posts won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I only plan on doing these MAYBE once a week. If there's no music and/or movie that's really "speaking to me" (lol), we may go an entire month without seeing one of these post.

So let's get started! <3

This weeks MUSIC Spotlight is: "Take Back Home Girl" by Chris Lane ft. Tori Kelly

When I heard this song, I got SO. HAPPY. I absolutely love Tori Kelly and to see her pair up with a country artist, I got all the feels! This is such an adorable song and I've played it over and over. I really hope they release an official music video soon--but for now, we'll just have to deal with what we get! ;) 

Love always,