Sunday, February 26, 2017

Happy Tunes

Hello lovelies! 

Today I just want to share some of my favorite songs that I'm loving right now. I've been focusing on listening to more uplifting and positive songs and I can tell a huge difference! Positive mind equals positive life right? <3 Anyways, I hope you enjoy... and if this isn't your cup of tea-- well, come back tomorrow or Tuesday! ;)

1. "The Fighter"- I absolutely love this song! Carrie Underwood is so adorable in this video and it's just a fun tune to sing along with! 

2. "There's a Girl"- Such an adorable song. It took a couple of listens for this song to grow on me but it's quickly becoming one of my favs! (P.S. Had no clue he won the last season of American Idol until tonight! There's a little random fact for you!)

3. "God, Your Mama, and Me"- Omgsh! Florida Georgia Line and Backstreet boys together? This song AND music video is adorable any way you look at it. (Not sure why this song is only letting me post the link to the video but oh well.. Click below to watch!)

4. "We Should be Friends"- Oh, Miranda.. Gotta love her! That's all I'll say! ;) Haha

5. "Holdin' Her"- I know a lot of people don't like this song but I find it to be super precious! Chris Janson seems like a super sweet and down to earth guy. I really love the story in this song! <3 (Once again, it's only letting me post the link.. You're killing me blogger!)

6. "For Her"- Last but not least, this video is the cutest things I've ever seen! This song... and his voice! Ah! Just listen to it! Ha!

Well, that's all for now! Hopefully I can figure out why it will only let me post the links to certain videos on here! (But I'm super computer challenged soooo that's doubtful! Haha) 

Love always, 

"If at first you don't succeed, fix your ponytail and try again"

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