Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hello Sunshine

Happy Saturday lovelies!

Let's not waste any time and jump in to this blog post...

Wednesday through Friday was mostly filled with going to work and gym time! (Insert gym selfie for proof! Ha!)

Thursday night I did go to the movies with some friends to watch the premier of 'Beauty and the Beast'. It was good-- not what I expected, but still a fun watch!

Last night, I went to dinner with some friends for St. Patricks Day and then they came to the house and we watched 'West Side Story'. I had never seen it before so it was a must! ;) It was good.. but geez, such a sad ending. (I hate sad endings...)

I didn't get to sleep until almost 3:00 AM and had to be up by 8:00 this morning. My sister and brother-n-law came in to town for a basketball tournament and his first game started at 9:00. I somehow pulled myself out of bed and put myself together. Before heading to the game, I picked up my sissy and I some iced coffee from Starbucks! #bestsisteraward

(I've missed her so much!!!)

My brother-n-law's team wound up losing both of their games so we left the tournament around 12:30. We went and ate mexican food and began to plan out the rest of our day. It was such a beautiful day outside that we decided to spend as much time outdoors as possible. We got changed in to comfy clothes and headed to Greenwood. We knew we wanted to get some ice cream at Baskin-Robbins but we decided to walk a little trail that we found first. I absolutely love the sunshine and would be perfectly fine if the weather was like this all year long. :)  (Oh! And Tyler and I have totally had the top down on the car all day... So fun!)

(Glad my brother-n-law has long arms! Hehe)

Now, I'm home, cleaned up and watching 'Young & Hungry'. (And blogging, of course!) I am so extremely tired but I refuse to fall asleep this early. Ha! 

Random thought of the day: I *really* want to try hot yoga or kick boxing! If anyone knows a good spot to try either, hittttt me up! ;) 

Oh! One more piece of randomness before I sign off for the night... Look at my new adorable sneakers! I love them oh-so much and can't wait to style them! <3
(You can buy them here!)

Well, that's all for now my loves... I hope you all have a fantastic day! I'm going to leave a couple of songs I've been loving lately below. :) 

Love always, 

(I fell in love with this song when he performed it at the Grammy's this year. I'll leave the link to that performance here as well. You might as well check that one out first honestly. Ha! He is a must see concert for me one day!

(So yeah, I am absolutely IN LOVE with Maren Morris' album! I have literally listened to it over 50 times in the last month. I think I'm going to start sharing all of my favorite songs from the album one at a time in each blog post. For real y'all.. Check. It. Out.)

(Last but not least, I have tried not to like this song! Haha I can't help it. So I'm just giving in and sharing it with you all. Every time it comes on the radio, I just can't help but sing along! Sorry I'm having to post the link, it wouldn't let me find it through blogger. Laaaaame.)

"Awesome Life Tip: Stop apologizing. Unless you've actually done something wrong or hurt someone, stop apologizing! We say we're sorry for things we don't need to be sorry for, like just being ourselves and having a real, genuine experience. Just own where you are and what you're feeling. There's no need to apologize for being human."

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  1. I am tellin' ya, you gotta try 9 round! i think you would love it.