Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Let's Talk Health & Fitness

Happy March 1st lovelies!

I can't believe another month has already come and gone. Time is moving way too quickly! #slowdown Anyways, today has been a really good day. The sun has been shining, I got a lot accomplished at work AND-- we got free milkshakes from our bosses! *high five* (Who doesn't love a free milkshake, am I right?)

Today I want to talk about some health and fitness. Yay! Sunday, I am starting a major cut that's going to last the next 17 weeks. (Aka: Summer Shredding) I've never actually done a cut for this long so I am super nervous but oh so excited at the same time! We are planning a beach trip of some sort (either a cruise or our usual Florida vaca) in August or September. I want to be in the best shape I have ever been in by the time we go.

So-- to kind of give some background on my health and fitness journey. I started working out in December of 2015. I didn't change my eating habits much at first but became faithful at hitting my workouts 4 to 5 times a week. In a little over 2 or 3 months, I began to see some results. This led me to want to eat better. I had heard about IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) and I gave it a try. The thing I love about IIFYM, you don't have to change the types of food you eat. You can eat whatever you want as long as it "fits your macros". (Obviously! Ha!) Anyways, I lost right at 30 pounds in a years time and have kept it off since. Although this is a huge accomplishment, I'm ready to push myself and get the body I want.

I watch a few fitness people on youtube. They really help me stay inspired and motivated on those days that I feel like giving up. One of my favorites is Nikki Blackketter. She has been a huge inspiration on my journey and let's just say this: Uhhhh, #bodygoals ;) I would definitely recommend watching her channel if you are a lady and have no clue where to start. She posts a ton of videos of her workouts, meals and her every day life. (She's pretty hilarious too!)

Through Nikki, I found Christian Guzman, her boyfriend at the time. He's also super motivational and has great tips for any dudes (or ladies) out there that may be starting out. However, this leads me to my cut coming up. Christian is doing a contest on his channel where he is giving $2500 to 10 winners and he's calling it "Summer Shredding". (He's also giving a ton of gift cards and products to the top 20) All you have to do is send in a 90 second video of your current physique and then at the end of the 17 weeks, you send in another video showing your transformation. Simple as that! Now, I obviously know there's going to be a TON of people enter and there's a very small chance I will win (ha), BUT- Tyler and I thought it would be fun to give it a try. We have nothing to lose-- either way, we win by having a shredded body at the end of it right!? ;)

So, starting Sunday, I am putting my full focus on the task ahead. It's going to be hard but SO worth it. Every other week or so, I want to post a fully detailed blog post on my progress. (Pictures, What I'm eating, Recipes, etc.) Not only do I think this will help ME stay motivated, but maybe it can help motivate someone else out there as well. (Not that many people know about my blog.. but who knows, maybe I'll put it out there in the universe soon!)

I hope you all are having a fantastic day! Tomorrow is Thursday which means the weekend is approaching very, very soon! ;)

Love always,

"Fitness is about so much more than exercise. It's a catalyst for positive changes, and it affects every aspect of your life."

"Don't sit on the couch and wait for it. Go out. Make a change. Smile more. Be excited. Do new things. Throw away what you've been cluttering. Unfollow negative people on social media. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Be fierce. Don't gossip. Show more gratitude. Do things that challenge you. Be brave."

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