Monday, April 17, 2017

Kansas City: John Mayer, Arrowhead Stadium + MORE

Hello lovelies!

It's been WAY too long!
I feel like I haven't blogged in ages.. let's fix this! 
(It's only been 5 days, Charity...) 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a happy Easter! I have a huge blog post coming at you today so let's jump right in:

Friday, I worked half a day and then loaded up to head to Kansas City, MO. Tyler and I went ahead of our friends, so we could go ahead and check in to our Airbnb before the John Mayer concert later that night! Speaking of our Airbnb, let me give you my thoughts before we move on: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Our hosts, David and Ann, were the sweetest people I have ever met. Not only were they super welcoming, their house was literally the CUTEST thing ever. Actually-- the entire neighborhood was so charming and precious! AH! Here's a couple pictures of the inside:

(I wish I would have taken a picture of the outside.. but I totally failed!)

When we arrived, they were sitting on their front porch, sipping a mimosa while a couple of their neighbors chilled out in the porch swing. We didn't have much time before the concert, so we got dressed real fast and headed out! 

(A bit blurry, but here was my OOTN for the concert! I got this super cute & comfy distressed shirt at a local boutique called "Red Leopard Boutique".)

We met up with Nathan, Jennifer and Taylor for the concert and let me just say this:

Y'all, John Mayer is amazing. That is all. This was my 5th concert of his to go to and I can honestly say he never disappoints! The John Mayer Trio was also on this tour so it was really cool to see them play live! <3 I wanted to share one of the songs that really stuck out to me at the concert. This song is SUPER underrated but it seriously brought tears to my eyes when he sang it! It was just him and his piano and it was the closing number. Ahhh. It gave me chills!

Anyways, moving on! ;) The next day we all woke up to HOMEMADE muffins from our Airbnb hosts. We got to talk to them a little bit more and get to know them. Like I've already mentioned, they were such cool people and I will definitely stay with them again! Here's a couple pictures before we checked out: 

(They had selfie mirrors everywhere-- so we all know I had to 
take my OOTD picture before I left! Ha! These sneakers are literally like walking on clouds! You need them in your life! Also, it doesn't look like they carry this exact size bag anymore but here is the smaller, identical version.)
(They had the cutest, most comfy porch swing! I wish we could have stayed a little longer...)
(Group photo! <3)

After we checked out, we went and ate some BBQ before heading to Arrowhead Stadium for a private tour! Nathan's dad got us the hookup and I was super excited. (Thanks Ralph!) I had never been to an NFL stadium before so it was a really cool experience! We got to see some of the fancy suites, the locker rooms, and of course the giant football field.
(P.S. I feel like a midget in this picture! Ha!)

Over all, it was a super fun weekend and I'm glad I got to experience it with friends! Now, it's the beginning of another week-- and I am currently watching "Good Will Hunting" after a super busy day at work. My friend said it was a "MUST SEE" so I'm giving it a shot! (I don't watch movies hardly ever...)

Anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic week! Until next time... MUAH! 

Love always,

"Just as a general note: You should eliminate any thought that there is an expectation that you do anything by any age. You don't have to be married with kids by 25... It's ok to be 16 and never been kissed... There's nothing wrong with you if you haven't graduated from college by 22... You're not a failure because you don't have your dream job at 30... There are no rules to life. You don't get special points for achieving certain things by a deadline. Just go at your own speed. It's not a race!"

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