Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Fri-YAY

Hello lovelies!

It's the weeeeeekend! Can I get a woot-woot!? ;)

Let's jump right in to this (probably extremely long & scattered) blog post... I hope you're ready!

This week has been extremely weird... It's gone by super fast but kind of slow at the same time. (Lulz) Anyways, first things first-- I am going to see BROTHER'S OSBORNE at the end of this month! *insert high pitched squeal* Y'all, I have wanted to see them for AGES and I just found out they are going to be in Tulsa. I didn't think twice about buying tickets! (And they were super cheap-- win-win!)

Last night, I started watching 'The Office'. A few people I work with FREAKED out yesterday when I told them I had never watched it before... Ha! So being the type of person I am who will usually give anything a shot once, I am now giving the show a chance! So far, it's actually been pretty hilarious!

I also made a really tasty meal BY MYSELF before sitting down to relax and watch my show:
(Just call me Paula Dean... ha! Riiiiiight. I kid, I kid.) 

Oh! And speaking of yesterday at work... Have I mentioned I have some pretty great friends?: (See picture below...heh)
(I'm totally ok with them feeding my kickstart addiction! <3)

Moving on... Today was b-u-s-y at work for a Friday... Well, the first part of the day was anyway! But not for the reasons you would think! Not only did we have a massive Cinco de Mayo cookout but we also had a lot of different activities going on around the building. For those who signed up to participate, we all had the opportunity to either build a bike or decorate a bag for a foster child in need. It was a really cool experience and I'm glad I got to help out! Even though I am not artistic AT ALL, I did my best and decorated one of the bags while jamming out to some music! (My boss asked for me to bring a bluetooth speaker so we could have some tuneeees so you know that made this girl happy!)

My friend Kayla and I got to work together for the same little girl. She built the bike and I decorated the bag. (Props to Kayla for building that bike all by herself... Impressive!) 
(Here's a closer view of my bag... lulz! I TRIED....OK, Y'ALL!? =P)

After all the craziness was done, one of the managers in my department made his AMAZING homemade apple cobbler. I might have had a small bowl... ;) 

My friend at work also introduced me to the "wikipedia game" today. #canwesaynerdy? But seriously, it was surprisingly a lot of fun! Haha! (P.S. This is what happens when it's super slow on a Friday in the afternoon time) The point of the game is you pick a topic-- in this case I chose "Louis Vuitton" (obviously) for him and I to start with. You start on a random wikipedia page and then you have to try to get to the wikipedia page of the topic you chose in 10 clicks or less. (The challenge is you can only click on a word if it's a blue link and takes you to another page) Let's just say this... I SUCKED. However, HE GOT IT-- He got to the Louis Vuitton wikipedia page in 9 clicks! LOL! I couldn't believe it... I was already on my 10th click and I was just getting to the "France" page! SMH. 
(Also, he did come by my desk and SLAM his sticky note while saying "BOOM!" to prove he did it...  *eye roll*)

Anyways, right now Tyler and I just got home from dinner at Beef O Brady's and I have "La La Land" playing in the background. We had a free redbox rental and nothing else really looked good so I thought I would watch this again. (That's how much I loved it!)

Tomorrow I'm headed to Little Rock to see my SISSY! <3 We have tickets to go see 'Disney on Ice' so that should be fun! I hope you all are having a fantastic day and have a fabulous weekend! 

Love always,

"Let it all go. See what stays."

And now because we all know it's me here... Here's some Brother's Osborne music in honor of getting to see them live in a couple weeks: (Just love me!) ;)

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