Thursday, May 11, 2017

I Love Coffee Too Much?

Hello lovelies!

First off, let me share this super adorable coffee mug that my husband surprised me with last night...(He said it reminded him of my blog because I say "hello lovelies" in every post and he figured this would be the closest he could ever get to those words being on a coffee mug! Ha!)

Moving on... ;)

How is everyone doing on this fantastic Thursday? I am sitting here in my leopard chair, snuggled up under my blanket and it is POURING outside! I swear-- Arkansas has some of the weirdest weather... but I feel like I should be used to it by now!

Yesterday was a super stressful day at work. We were SO BUSY... I'm not complaining-- I know it's a good thing but geeeez. So. Much. To. Do. I've also been having some major issues with my personal email accounts, pictures... well, pretty much my entire phone-- so my amazing friend at work has been helping me get it all figured out! (I'm seriously the most technologically challenged person on the face of the earth. Luckily, I have nerds (lulz) for friends who are there to help me when in need. <3)
(I got delivered a purple Kickstart this week...Ha!)

After I got off work I had a nail appointment at a new place called "Adore." I have been looking for somewhere else to go for a while-- I was not happy with my current nail salon so I was happy when I found out "Adore" had dip powder! I LOVED it. They offered me complimentary drinks and they had the most comfortable chairs ever. They are a little bit more pricey but it was totally worth it. The people were so friendly! I highly recommend! 

After my appointment, Tyler and I headed to my parents house for dinner. We had family in town from Georgia so I was excited to visit with them. After we ate dinner, we all sat around and told stories and laughed... A LOT. It was really nice catching up... I wish I could see them more often! 

That brings us to today! Again, it was pretty busy at work but overall a good day. Tomorrow is FRIDAY and that makes everything better... Ya feel me? ;) Speaking of tomorrow, it is the grand opening of a new coffee joint in Fort Smith called 'Fort Smith Coffee Co.' I. AM. SO. EXCITED. I have been waiting for them to open for so long now. They have taken a super old, run-down building close to downtown and have totally remodeled it. From the pictures I've seen, it looks amazing! (It looks super cozy!) And you know what makes it even better? I'M FINALLY GOING TO GET MY LATTE ART. ;) (I have wanted to go somewhere and have a cup of coffee in an actual, REAL cup and see latte art sitting there staring back at me! Haha! It's the small things, y'all... Just love me!)

Anyways... (I clearly get way too excited about coffee, whoops!) I think that's all for today! I am about to either read some of my book or watch a movie! Decisions, decisions. ;) Here's to the weekend ahead! 

Love always,

"Wake up early tomorrow. Eat a good breakfast. Do your hair and makeup and put on a cute outfit. Buy your cup of coffee and enjoy every sip of it. Go to work, make that money, and learn something new in the process. Nourish. Grow. Inspire. Self-destruction is not an option. And let every choice you make be a brick in the foundation of rebuilding yourself."

(Ok, so the Drake & Rihanna version of this song has been in my head the past couple of days. Unfortunately, I can't find the real version on Youtube! What!? However, I came across this cover of the song and it's actually really good! I always like listening to covers so I thought I would share it anyways!)

(This song came on my Pandora station and I forgot how much I love it! Him and Charlie Puth are going to be going on tour together soon and I am REALLY wanting to see them. I'm hoping they add more tour dates somewhere near Arkansas! Come on guys!!!)

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