Tuesday, May 30, 2017

La da da da dee

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to hop on here and put up a quick blog post since it's been a few days! :)

This past weekend was super relaxing and I definitely needed it. Not only did I binge watch the heck out of 'The Office', but I also got to see my sister and brother-n-law. They came to town for Memorial Day and I was so glad I got to hang out with them.

I honestly don't have much to say in this post... I've really been trying to stay off my computer and phone as much as possible the last week or so. Things are good-- no reason in particular I haven't been very social, I just get this way sometimes. Ha! I'm really grateful for the people in my life and things seem to be falling in to place.

It's kind of crazy, one day you can wake up and realize your life is so much different than it was 2 months ago. And that's okay! It's always been really hard for me to let things/people go... However, I'm learning that sometimes it's for the best. I truly do have a great life! I have a wonderful husband & family (even though we may not always agree on everything), I have amazing friends that have stuck by my side through thick and thin and have helped me more than they will ever know (seriously, I wouldn't be able to get through my days at work without a few of them... They are always there to give me advice when I need it, they listen when all I want to do is vent or when I just want to talk their ear off about random things--like I tend to do often! Heh.) and most importantly, I'm learning to trust and lean on God again. I think I've ran as far away as I could in the past because I've always felt so much pressure to be this perfect saint. But I'm not-- no one is. Thank goodness He doesn't expect perfection! ;) We're all on our own little journey and I wouldn't change a thing!

Anyways, I guess I'll end it there! I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love always,

"I hope that you become filled with so much happiness that it heals every part of you."

(Tori Kelly is one of my favorite artists... and this song just makes me happy! <3)

(And one more just because I came across her doing this cover and I kind of fell in love. I literally can't listen to this song anymore when I hear it because it was SO overplayed on the radio. However, she killed it! Dang! Ha!)

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