Monday, June 26, 2017

The BEST Italian Pasta Salad [Recipe]

Hello lovelies! 

As promised, today I want to share the BEST Italian pasta salad recipe ever! At work the other day, someone brought a version of this pasta salad and I fell in love. I wanted to recreate it, but in a healthy way! By making some simple changes, I was able to make this pasta salad far less calories but still have all the yummy flavor. Let's jump right in!

These are all of the ingredients I used. I absolutely LOVE these turkey pepperoni's. I honestly prefer them over regular. 

So the first step is to obviously cook your pasta. I added the broccoli in the boiling water when there was about 3 minutes left on the timer. I don't care for raw or crunchy broccoli--so if you're like me, that's a good way to solve that problem. Just make sure as soon as you drain the pasta and broccoli, you immediately run cold water over it to stop any further cooking. 

Step two: While the pasta is cooking, I went ahead and chopped up all of my tomatoes, turkey pepperoni's, and cheese. TIP: To cut down the fat even more, I took the cheese snack bites and cut them in fourths. This way, the cheese is smaller but you're still likely to have a piece in each bite. ;) 

Step 3: You literally just add all of the ingredients together and then add the Italian dressing. 

And there you have it! Super easy and SUPER tasty! 

1 Package of Rotini Pasta
1-2 cups of broccoli 
3 servings of turkey pepperoni's (sliced in half)
3 servings of cubed cheese (sliced in fourths)
1 carton of cherry tomatoes (sliced in half)
5-6 servings of Italian dressing

"Good food is good mood"

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