Friday, June 30, 2017

Week Recap: Eats, Treats and Beats

Hello lovelies and Happy FRI-YAY! ;) 

I can't explain to y'all how excited I am that it is finally the weekend! This week has definitely been one of the busiest weeks that we've had so far this summer at work. This weekend I plan on doing a whole bunch of nothing and I can't wait! Ha! I thought I'd do a quick recap of my week so let's hop right in to this post, shall we?

Sunday morning, Tyler and I went to 'The Egg & I' for a quick breakfast... I got the most delicious waffle with bananas and strawberries and of course COFFEE! ;) (It came with sausage and eggs too but I really could have done without them.)
I thoroughly enjoy waffles and would really like to start making them at home! If you have any good suggestions for a healthy version, please let me know! 

Anyhoo, Monday through Wednesday weren't really that much different at work. I've been listening to these three guys all week: (Does it really surprise anyone!?)

I did start a new workout program and I am LOVING it. My first workout was on Tuesday and let me tell ya, I felt like a baby giraffe walking in to work that next morning! Ha! My whole body is so sore but I really feel like I'm going to see great results at the end of these 12 weeks. 

Thursday we had jean day at work... Those are always my favorite! Me and the work bestie matched so we had to take a picture together! (Duh!) I also had lunch with another friend (Jan) that day and we went to 'Whole Hog'. I got the giant potato! It was so good! 
(Oh! I've also gotten to where I drink my coffee with only one creamer... Does that make me a legit adult now!? Hehe.)

Today at work, the managers treated us to root beer floats after a super long and busy week! I seriously love the people I work with... The job may not be perfect but I seriously wouldn't change the people for anything! <3
(My friend Alex was trying to teach me how to eat sunflower seeds properly today... Who knew it was so hard? Ha! Annnd in the right corner of this collage, I thought I'd share something I posted on snapchat earlier... Just read what I wrote, my friends know me so well! =P)

As far as other random things that have happened this week, I am STILL trying to pick out a paint color for my house. I literally have over 10 different random painted sections on my walls right now trying to decide. I really hate being so indecisive! #strugglebus Also, besides working and going to the gym, I've literally done nothing else but binge watch the heck out of the "Gilmore Girls". I finally made it to season 3 and I may have shed a few tears on the last episode of season 2. I get way too invested in these shows! Haha! 

Well, I think I'll wrap up this recap for now! Tonight we're going to dinner for Tyler's birthday (even though his birthday isn't until tomorrow) and we plan on doing some more celebrating tomorrow as well. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

5 Things That Made Me Happy This Month
  1. Christ Stapleton concert- Literally the best concert ever and I can't wait to see him again!
  2. I got a frozen pink lemonade! Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE frozen pink lemonade but they are so hard to come by.
  3. Decluttering my Closet- Everything is so neat and organized now! 
  4. I got to see my sissy! <3
  5. I got a new computer at work... Now, I can restart my computer in less than 1 minute. (That's 10 whole minutes faster than my old one!)
 P.S. I'm going to start doing a little thing called "5 Things That Made Me Happy This Month" at the end of every month. I thought that would be a positive thing to do so I can look back and focus on at least five GOOD things that I got to experience throughout the month. #positivity

Love always,

"You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit."

(I was in Dillard's the other night [buying a new purse...whoops! But more on that later...] and I heard this song come on. It's so old school but I absolutely love it. It totally brought me back to my teenage years!)

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