Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weight-Loss Wednesday [Week 1]: Binge Eating

Hello lovelies! 

Welcome to the first official week of Weight-Loss Wednesday! I'm so excited to get this series started off by talking about one of the main struggles I've had (and still deal with) on my weight-loss journey--BINGE EATING.
Have you ever had one of those days where all you want to do is eat every. single. thing. in sight? Even when you're absolutely SURE you're not hungry anymore but yet you continue to stuff your face with food-- almost to the point of making yourself sick? Yep, That was me! (And if I'm being honest, I've been struggling again with this the past few weeks... Just being real with you all!)

So what causes binge eating? Anxiety and Emotions. I've found out from experience that when I get extremely stressed out about something or if I tend to focus on negative things that may be going on in my life, I tend to binge eat. But what makes it worse is that it's only a down-hill spiral from that point on. Once I start the binging, I start feeling worse about myself which makes me binge even MORE. The mind is a funny little thing isn't it? *eye roll*

I want to share a few things that I do to help with my binge eating: (I know some of these tips aren't going to be some new/rocket science information, but sometimes it's good to be reminded.)

  • Stop Dieting: Seriously, "dieting" really messes with a person's mind. When I tell myself I'm going to start a "diet", I always fail. You have to make it a life-style or your mind will constantly tell you that you're depriving yourself. Balance is key! You can still eat anything you want as long as you don't eat it every single day-- and in large portions. Once you realize that food is NOT your enemy, you can begin to make a balanced lifestyle and find out what works for you and your body best.
  • Workout Regularly: I know people will probably roll their eyes at this tip but I can't stress to you how much moving your body makes a difference. I have noticed that when I am NOT working out regularly, I fall back in to bad habits. When I AM working out, I tend to make smarter choices all around. 
  • Drink Water: When I find myself wanting to eat everything in sight, I will always chug 1-2 glasses of water first. Although I may not want water at that moment, a lot of times your body is just thirsty-- not hungry. 
  • Keep a Positive Attitude/Mindset: Okay, so this is VERY important. Get rid of any negativity in your life. If there are people/friends bringing you down, say buh-bye. *insert white girl emoji* If the music you're listening to makes you sad or depressed, turn it off. If you find yourself having sad thoughts and you tend to dwell on them, make a list of all the GOOD things that you have in your life. CHOOSE to focus on the positive things! I know this can be hard-- trust me! Sometimes I feel likes there's something wrong with me because I can literally let my thoughts overtake me and I can go from having a good day to a bad one in seconds. If this happens, call a friend that can make you laugh... Listen to a song that makes you happy... or heck, go punch a punching bag if that makes you feel better! ;) 
  • Forgive Yourself: If you mess up and DO binge, forgive yourself. Let it go! We are human and we all make mistakes. Get up and try again tomorrow! DO NOT GIVE UP!
This post may not help a large amount of people but if it helps even one person out there, that's fine with me! (I know it was therapeutic for me to type out!) I hope you all have a fantastic day! 

Love always,

"Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are going to either do something or stop doing something."
(Here's an example of a song that has sort of been my "anthem" the last month or two. With some of the things that have been going on lately, I sometimes lose my positive mindset. However, I refuse to stay there so I immediately turn on this song and I instantly feel better! (I'll even put it on repeat sometimes and listen to it for 30 minutes straight! Ha!) Maybe I'm crazy... but just give it a try!)
"You can hate me underestimate me
Do what you do cause what you do don't phase me
Just when you think I'm at the end
In a second I'ma catch my second wind"


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