Thursday, August 31, 2017

Note to Self

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."

Hello lovelies!
Have you ever had a scripture hit you out of nowhere, even though you've heard it a million times growing up? Well, that's what happened to me today with the scripture I just posted above! This week at work hasn't been the greatest if I'm honest. I won't go in to details but I've really been praying about a few certain situations and sometimes I feel like I'm not being heard. (Ya ever been there?) On the way home today, I was venting on and on to my husband and being very negative about a certain situation. When I got home, I was honestly in a very bad mood and just ready to veg out on my couch an watch a movie or something. I decided to go ahead and get my Bible reading done for the day (even though I didn't really feel like reading at the time) and then BOOM. That scripture above was the first thing I saw as I opened my Bible app--it was the verse of the day. 

I feel like I have become "weary" about a few of these situations I've been praying about. Why are you not listening God? Don't you see I need a little help here? Helllllo?? One of the definitions of the word "weary" is to become impatient. Sometimes as humans, we become SO impatient when something doesn't happen the week/month/year we pray about it. What we have to understand is that HE is in control and although WE may think we aren't going to make it one day longer in our current situation, He will never put us through more than what we can handle. 

Anyways, I felt like that scripture came to me at the right time today and I just wanted to get on here and put my thoughts in to words. For now, my goal is to be patient and to stay positive. Things may not be working out the way I think they should right now, but I can have total confidence that they will work out the way they are SUPPOSED to when it's all said and done!

Love always,

Monday, August 28, 2017

Snap Back to Reality...

Hellllo lovelies and Happy Monday! 

First things first for this blog post, I want to say how HAPPY I am that my blog has finally been FIXED. For some reason, people were having trouble viewing my blog on their mobile devices... but everything is good to go! *high-five*

Well y'all, vacation is over and I am officially in FULL fall mode! Can I get an AMEN!? This is the last week before September is here and Alabama football begins this weekend as well! I have also already booked a "fall-mini" session with Lexi Eads Photography and I can't WAIT to get those photos taken in October. #happydance (I even changed my cover photo on FB to a super old picture of Tyler and I because it reminded me of fall time...Ha!) I actually used to work with Lexie and had no idea she had a photography business now. From what I've seen, she does an awesome job! :)

One of my major goals in the next few weeks is to tackle this GIANT bookshelf in the entryway of our house:
This thing is so giant, I couldn't even get it in one picture so I had to take two. Ha! It's the first thing you see when you enter the house and it's a huge eyesore. (It's pretty much become a "catch-me-all" lately) This weekend, we are beginning the long process of painting the house so I figured it would be the perfect time to get started on the bookshelf as well. I'll keep you updated on the progress! ;)

While we're on the topic, let me go ahead and share some of the book selections I have picked to read the next few months: (TIP: I found all of these books at Target but I always buy them off of Amazon. You can get them so much cheaper! I'll also post the links, if you're interested in them as well!)
6. Whole 30 (only because this is on my 30 before 30 list, ha!)

Anyways, let's back up to the past couple of days and do a quick recap before I sign off for the day...
Yesterday morning I woke up to a coffee from Sweet Bay (thanks hubby) and I lit my one and only fall smelling candle I had laying around the house. I have to make a trip to 'Bath & Body Works' ASAP! 
I spent the rest of the morning watching the cooking channel and cheesy Hallmark movies while I did a few other things around the house. 

I also made tacos for lunch...

For dinner, I made macaroni and tomato juice! I think that's mostly a Georgia thing, but you should give it a try... It's super tasty!

I could NOT get to sleep last night. It was so annoying! I assume it's because I've been staying up so late and sleeping in every day for the last week. My body could not wind down!

Today was the first day back at work after an entire week off and it was definitely nice to see everyone again. It was busy so the day flew by-- which was nice! 

I came in to this greatness this morning... Haha! Everything that I had hanging on my walls was turned upside down. #wellplayed 
Well, I think that's all for now... hope you all have a fantastic week!

Love always,

"Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a littler harder."

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

BCL Vacation [Part 3]: Arcade Fun, Eats, Showboat + More

Hello lovelies! 

It's Saturday night and we have made it home from vacation! Even though we had a great time, I think Tyler and I are sure happy to be home. I thought I'd hop on here and post a few pictures from the last few days we were on vacation-- I'll try not to make this a super long and drawn out post! ;) 

Let's hop right into it...

Big Cedar Lodge had the coolest arcade on the grounds... We decided to go and eat pizza at Uncle Bucks and then play some games while we were there! It was actually a LOT of fun... Tyler and I were laughing the entire time. Who knew I was so good at Mario Kart!?

These were the "prizes" we won with our tickets! #adults ;)

Later that evening, we went back to Cakes-n-Cream to get THIS thing again... Ha!

The next morning, we woke up and decided to walk one of the nature trails to our lunch spot. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

After lunch, we spent the afternoon by the hot tub...

That night, we had reservations on the "Showboat" for dinner and a show... I had to put this next collage together because it made me laugh! This was before we headed out to the show... I got a picture of Tyler because he looked nice. I was going to have him take a picture of me and then I was planning on making a collage of the pictures side by side since we didn't have anyone to take a picture of us together... Wellllll, it was a total fail! LOL. 

Anyways, moving on... Haha! We finally made it to the boat and I'm telling you, the weather couldn't have been any more perfect. We got to board the ship first since we had priority tickets. 
Oh yeah! We finally got a picture together! ;)

Not going to lie, the food wasn't that great... but the show turned out to be awesome! They had live music on the top deck as well... It was a lot of fun!

Well, I think that about wraps it up! I just got done with my last load of laundry and my house is completely clean. I'm ready to get back to reality starting Monday! Ha! I hope you all have a great Sunday!

Love always,

"The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them."

Thursday, August 24, 2017

BCL Vacation [Part Two]: My Fav Christmas Store, Mexican Food, Candy Galore + More

Hello lovelies! 

Let's hop right in to where we left off last time! :) 
 Monday was filled with lots of eating and shopping. (And watching for the Eclipse!) We first started out with some Krispy Kreme donuts. Tyler and I aren't huge fans of KK, but it was right there next to where we were shopping so #yolo.
Next, we made a stop in the COACH store. I don't so much care for COACH purses but I wanted to check out the store since they bought the Kate Spade brand. I still hated the purses... However, I did find a dainty gold necklace there that I LOVED. I didn't buy it but I keep thinking about it so I may have to go back and get it before we leave. ;)

Moving on... Next, we headed to my favorite Christmas store here in town! Those of you who have been around for a while KNOW that I love Christmas! It's my favorite time of year... so I CLEARLY had to make Tyler go with me as I "ohhh & ahhh" throughout the whole store! Ha!
I loved the Wizard of Oz nutcrackers! <3

We also went in to this neat little tea shop. The lady who owned the shop was super informative about all the different types of tea she had and gave us a ton of different samples. I'm not a big tea drinker, BUT... some of the tea we tried was actually really tasty! 

The donuts finally started wearing off around 2:00 and I was craving some mexican food. I don't remember the name of the place we went to but it was super delicious! 

Before we headed back to Big Cedar Lodge to spend the rest of the day by the pool, we stopped by "It's Sugar" to get some candy. We spent THIRTY dollars on candy, y'all! Who. Does. That. LOL!

When we got back to our room, we changed and headed to one of my favorite spots for the rest of the night! The views are just so beautiful!
Do you understand why I love it so much now? If not, we can't be friends! ;) 

The next day we woke up and headed to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Lambert's! I know some people think it's a super overrated but I actually enjoy the roll throwing! Ha! This was our spread:
(Probably the most un-uniformed picture I've taken but... #reallife)

The rest of the day was spent in the pool and hot tub! P-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n!

Once we left the pool, we headed to the Buzzard Bar to get some food for dinner! They had a guy playing live music so we sat down and enjoyed that entertainment while we ate.
The bottom right picture is of the famous 'Oreo Stuffed Brownie' that we love so much! It was just as tasty as we remembered! 
The pretty waterfall that's next to the Buzzard Bar! <3

The next morning, we woke up and headed for coffee!
We rode with the top down of course! ;) 

We went to the most charming coffee shop ever... It was called "Vintage Paris". I was obviously drawn in by the name...
Isn't this place precious?!?!

After coffee, it was pool time!

Once lunch time came around, we decided to go to Uncle Bucks for lunch! We sat out on the porch because the weather (and view) was so beautiful.
These onion rings were bomb!! 

Uncle Bucks is connected to a super cool bowling alley, arcade room, laser tag and other fun activities! I loved the bowling alley though so I had to take a picture! We may go bowling before we leave...

Once we left Uncle B's, we decided to go on a little "hike" and check the grounds out a little bit. 
We checked the spa out... This little house was right next to it and I thought it was really cute! The spa had these super comfy swings right before you went inside so we chilled for a bit. 
I'm telling you, this place is just oozing with beauty! I think this was my favorite spot so far... It was so peaceful.

After walking around for good while, we decided to rest a bit before heading back to the room! 

We ended the evening with some frozen custard from Andy's. Not going to lie, we weren't super impressed with Andy's even though everyone has recommended us to go there. Oh well, you live and you learn! Ha! 

Until next time, have a wonderful day loves! <3

Love always,

"Don't look away. Look straight at everything. Look it all in the eye, good and bad."

Monday, August 21, 2017

Big Cedar Lodge Vacation [Part One]: A Show And The Best Brunch Ever!

Hello lovelies! 

I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday! I'm sitting here this morning in my bed and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee that my husband surprised me with after his workout. He's so funny y'all... He doesn't drink coffee AT ALL (he can't stand the taste) but he keeps a note in his phone of all the different drinks I like so he doesn't forget the names of them, incase he wants to surprise me with one every now and then! LOL. #husbandgoals

Anywhooo, I thought I'd go ahead and and put up "smaller recaps" throughout the week so I don't have one MAJORLY long blog post at the end of our trip. I'm taking so many pictures, I figured it would be better to split it up. So here's to the last few days:

Saturday we woke up and I headed to see my girl, Susie! I had a sugaring appointment and Tyler had a few things to get done as well before we headed out for vacation. We started packing up the car around noon and oh my goodness y'all, it was interesting. Ha! We wanted to take the convertible on this trip so we could ride with the top down at night... However, the trunk is SO small and there's no back seat in this car. Let's just say, it was pretty interesting (and funny) getting everything packed in there. *I'll insert a picture below*
Annnnd just like that, we were on our way! :) 
When we arrived, we checked in to Big Cedar Lodge, freshened up and then headed to get something to EAT. We were both starving so we decided to hit up a little pizza joint we found called, "Mr. G's Chicago Pizza & Pub". 
The food was actually SUPER tasty... Neither one of us are huge pizza eaters but it was definitely enjoyable! It was a super cool atmosphere as well. The first half of the time we were sitting there, they were playing country music (which we all I know I love) but then the last half of the time we were eating, the music switched over to early 2000's music. 
(Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza and Toasted Ravioli was what we had to eat! So good!)

After we ate dinner, we had an hour to waste before we headed to see our show. We decided to walk around a few shops and of course I found some super cute items that "spoke" to me! Ha! 

We got tickets to see "Moses" at the Sight and Sound Theatre... Apparently this was the last show before the theatre takes a 2 month break so I'm glad we got to check it out! I'll be honest-- I've seen "Joseph" and "Jonah" and I thought those two shows were AMAZING! Although "Moses" wasn't bad by any means, I feel like it wasn't as good as the other two. (It was honestly the first half that was kind of slow... The second half was SUPER good!) Either way, we enjoyed it and I can't WAIT to see "Samson" when that show begins! <3

Once the show was done, Tyler and I were both craving something sweet! Maybe this is just something WE do, but we always have dessert every night of vacation! It's kind of become a tradition... We always look forward to it! ;) We wound up going to "Cakes-n-Cream" and shared the 'Cakes and Cream Supreme'. It was SO delicious, I kind of want it again! Ha!

Sunday morning, we had reservations for brunch at "Osage Restaurant" at 10AM. We got out of the bed and headed that way. If you know me at all, you know I am a sucker for a good brunch so I was super excited to check this place out. HOLY COW! We arrived and not only was the place super gorgeous, but the food was so delicious! We didn't realize it was a buffet until we walked in and y'all, I can't explain to you how much food there was. I tried to take as many pictures as possible so let's get started: (I'll try to put captions under each one!)
The restaurant is located on a beautiful golf course... The first two pictures in this collage is the view that we saw as we walked to the restaurant. Once we arrived, you can see the outside patio (which is where we wound up sitting) and then the front door to go inside!
Ok, so when we first walked in... We saw tables and tables of pastries, desserts and a GIANT cheese  and fruit board. (Top left corner picture) I was in heaven!
Our waiter took us back outside to the patio area and THESE two pictures were our view for the morning! It was so beautiful and there was a perfect breeze.
This was round 1 and 2 for us! Haha! They had the best waffles and french toast...
For those of you who saw my 30 before 30 bucket list, you know that eating an oyster was one of the things on it. WELL, I did it! They had an area where they had fresh shrimp and oysters available so I asked the man if I could have ONE oyster-- and to make it the smallest one he had. He looked at me like I was crazy! Haha! (It was disgusting, btw!)

When we got back to the room, we were both SO FULL from brunch that we took the longest nap ever! When we woke up, we decided to hit the Big Cedar gym for a quick workout! 
This is literally once of the nicest gyms ever! Tyler LOVES it... I honestly think it's one of his favorite parts about this place! The bottom right picture is the view that we have while working out.
You know we gotta get those selfies in there! ;) 

After the workout, we headed to the pool and chilled for a bit. I felt like reading so I brought a book with me... Again, there was such a nice breeze and it was the perfect time of night to be outside! When we got done, we headed to the Buzzard Bar and shared some chicken wings and sliders... Super delish! 

Anyways, I think that's going to be all for now! I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Love always,

"Vacation calories don't count!"