Monday, September 18, 2017

I Need Coffee... & Inspiration

Hello lovelies! 

Well, another week (and a day) has passed without me blogging... Ah! I've literally turned my computer on multiple times to write and then when I sign on...Nothing. It's like I'm feeling uninspired for some reason! (Someone help me! Ha!)
Anyways, today I am determined to put something up-- even if I have to sit here all night! I just went through the pictures I've taken on my phone since the last time I blogged, and I didn't have very many at all. (Which is very unusual for me) SO, I guess I'll just post what I have and do a SUPER random recap from what I remember of the last week. ;) 

Last Monday we ate dinner at LongHorn Steakhouse to celebrate our friend Chase's birthday! His friend Nick joined us and it was a very interesting dinner to say the least. Ha! Our server was absolutely terrible and we wound up being there for over two hours. (Oh, and did I mention the place was completely empty!?) We definitely made some good memories out of the whole situation and laughed the entire way home... <3

I had a sweet potato and this delicious corn for dinner...

The next couple of days were pretty long at work. We are winding down from "busy season" and I can tell! Thank goodness for friends who surprise you with a "pick-me-up"... 

I wound up moving desks at work as well! As much as I hated leaving some of the people I've gotten close to on that side of the room, it's been fun getting to know some new people and having a change of scenery. 

I have REALLY been trying to get more fruits and vegetables in lately and a huge way I'm getting this done is by drinking smoothies. I pre-made smoothie bags that are super easy to throw in the blender when I get home from work. Oh, and they taste good too! ;)

Once Friday got here, I was thrilled for the weekend! Before I left work, my friend Kayla brought her new puppies by so I could meet them. They. Were. So. Adorable. <3

Saturday I had planned on going to the Farmer's Market but I totally forgot I had a hair appointment that morning. (I guess there's always this next weekend!) I'm trying to get my hair healthier so I think I'm going to say goodbye to the super blonde for a while. She put some brown through my hair (in the roots) and I'm hoping to gradually get back to my natural hair color. 
The rest of Saturday was spent chilling in my leopard chair, watching Christmas movies! Heehee.

Sunday was church and then we met my parents and my aunts that were in town from Georgia for a quick lunch. Let me just say, there's no other family like my family... LOL! #wecray

Work was actually REALLY busy today... but I'm not complaining! The day goes by so much faster when I'm busy. As far as tonight goes, I am about to indulge in some home-made chicken curry that one of my co-workers made for me. I. AM. EXCITED. 

I hope you all have a great week! 

Love always,

"Be good to people for no reason!"

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Major Recap: Labor Day, Eats & Football Fun

Hello lovelies!

Wow, it's been an entire week since I posted last... What is this madness? Honestly y'all, I've been in somewhat of a "funk" as much as I hate to admit it. I haven't been sad or upset about anything, it's just been one of those weeks where I've felt... drained. I decided to just take a week off from the blog scene until I got in a better mindset. With that said, I'm feeling refreshed and ready to do a major recap for you all. <3

Before I get started, I just want to take a quick minute and say I am praying and thinking about those of you (family and friends) who have been affected by these two major hurricanes! I can't imagine what you are going through and I'm sending positive thoughts your way! *hugs*

Let's go back to last Sunday night...

Tyler asked if I would make my Italian Pasta Salad for dinner and I thought that was a great idea... It's always so easy to make and it's super delicious! You can find the recipe here!
We spent most of the evening getting the house back in order from all the painting that took place that weekend.
Here's a little sneak peek...
That night we headed to Cherry Berry to get some fro-yo! I should have taken a picture before I mixed all of mine together- haha!

Monday was Labor Day so we hung out with Tyler's family and relaxed for most of the day. When we got home, I went ahead and meal prepped for the coming week at work. I've really been loving jasmine rice so I plan on taking it this week too.

Tuesday after work, we had dinner with our friend Chase. We went to Tassanee's and it was so GOOD. I've been craving it so bad! Their pineapple fried rice is legit...

Thursday night, I met my friend Stephany at SAKE for a sushi date! I hadn't seen her in so long so it was a blast getting to laugh and catch up.

Friday, I got to work and it felt like the walls were closing in on me... haha! I texted Tyler and asked if he wanted to take a random 1/2 day of vacation... SO WE DID! ;) 
We ate lunch at Cheddar's, ran to Bath & Body Works and got three new fall candles, finally got some Cotton Candy grapes to try and cruised with the top down for most of the day. The weather was PERFECT!

Yesterday, my parents came over and it was a football filled Saturday! Alabama won their game and OU won theirs. It was an all-around happy day for this family! ;)

Today was church and both services were fantastic! This morning, our pastor preached an awesome sermon (If you have some extra time, I highly recommend you click the link and watch it!) and tonight was a total worship service. I feel super refreshed and ready to take on the week!

I hope you all have a great week!

Love always,

"I didn't come this far to only come this far."

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Recap: House Updates, Food & Football

Hellllo lovelies!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday! It's just a beautiful morning and I'm sitting here eating a Lenny & Larry's protein cookie while I blog. (I love these cookies so much... The double chocolate and snickerdoodle are my favs!) This weekend has been pretty busy so far but I sure am glad we have tomorrow off work for Labor Day. Let's do a recap of the last few days...

Nothing too exciting happened Monday through Wednesday but once Thursday got here, the week got a little more exciting! We had a "Wear your favorite band t-shirt" day at work and it was probably my favorite "t-shirt day" thus far. (We have them quite a few weeks out of the year-- just different themes!) I pulled out one of my John Mayer t-shirts from 2010 when I went to one of his concerts for the first time! It was a little small (lol) but I didn't care. I also finally got my nails done... One of my bestie's found a color in dip powder that looks exactly like the color we used to love in shellac! (It's the perfect every day color) I had to go try it out. I loveeeee it! <3
 Speaking of the bestie (Kayla), she totally let me down and didn't wear a band t-shirt... -_- She wore an Arkansas shirt... but I got a picture with her anyway! ;) (Or two pictures... I couldn't decide which one I liked best! Ha!) 
Thursday night after work, I was literally exhausted. I sat in my big leopard chair and watched two cheesy Christmas movies! Y'all, I'm running out of cheesy Christmas movies on nextflix! Ha! If you have any suggestions on a movie I should watch next, let me know in the comments below. 

Friday morning, I headed to work and was SO ready to get the work day complete so the weekend could officially start. We got Oreo's for our "Happy Friday" treat so they literally sat there and tempted me all day. Lol. (Yes, my department gets Happy Friday treats during the summer since it's so crazy busy...Ha!)
(Side note: This coffee warmer is SO nice to have at my desk... I like to sip on my coffee and it tends to get cold really fast if I don't use it! It's totally worth the $10! You can find it here!)

Anyways, speaking of being tempted with food... A couple of us put together a "work gym" in one of the cubical's in front of me. It's kind of an inside joke... but people actually use it every now and then! Ha! One of the managers keeps bringing cookies and donuts and sits them in that particular cubical as temptation! Smh.

At lunch, I went and got my favorite Starbucks drink. (A passion fruit tea with strawberry fresher instead of water... No extra cain sugar) TRY IT!
We have this company called "Fort Smith Popcorn Co." that comes to our office every Friday. I finally caved and bought a couple bags of popcorn and it is SUPER tasty!

That night, my parents came over and helped Tyler and I take everything off our walls and push everything to the center of our living room or move furniture in to another room. It looked like a disaster zone! (P.S. I got a picture of the whole book case that I mentioned in my last recap post!)
I will post some updated pictures once the living room is completely painted!

Saturday morning, the paint guy got to the house around 9AM so I headed to get some donuts and a coffee! (#nomakeupandall #reallife)

I met my mom for lunch... We had some mexican food and then ran around town for a bit! <3

Later that evening, we headed to my parents house for dinner and to watch the first ALABAMA football game of the season! *Roll Tide*  We rode with the top down and the weather was beautiful! I also brought my laptop so I could work on some blog stuff...

My mom's front door was looking very "fall-ish" and I was loving it! 

She made a super delicious meal and then we watched the football game! (They WON! Good job boys!) 
We came home and crashed... I was so tired for some reason! 

Anyways, like I said at the's Sunday morning now and the paint guy just got here again. I hate that we are missing church today but he asked if he could come over today and paint again so he can hopefully spend time with his family tomorrow for the holiday. Luckily our church has the service online via live stream so I'm planning on watching it. I'm really hoping he can get the house completely done today! We decided not to paint our bedroom... The color turned out to be a lot brighter (aka whiter) than what I expected. I think it will be okay in the other rooms (I sure do hope!) but I think we will wait and find something else for the bedroom. 

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday and an even more fantastic Labor Day tomorrow! I sure do plan on it. :) 

Love always,

"Go the extra mile... It's never crowded!"

This blog post contains affiliate links... All opinions are my own and I would never recommend something I don't truly love! :)

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fall Bucket List

Hello lovelies! 

Ok, so I clearly LOVE making lists. (Those of you who know me well already know this!) I can't help myself... When I get excited about something, I just want to write all my thoughts down so I can visually see them. Like I said in a couple blog posts ago, I am SO excited for fall-- I HAD to put my Fall Bucket List together asap! I couldn't wait a moment longer! Now, I know fall won't officially start for another few weeks, but it is SEPTEMBER, the weather was beautiful this morning and there's nothing wrong with planning ahead right? ;) 

What is on YOUR fall bucket list? I would love to hear about your plans, special events and fall traditions you may have! Speaking of, I want to say a big thank you to those of you who have been interacting on my blog posts the past couple of weeks... I truly do enjoy getting to know you all! <3 I have another recap post coming soon, so be on the lookout. Happy Saturday loves!

Love always,

"Don't stop until you're proud!"