Monday, October 30, 2017

Week Recap: Maren Morris Concert, New Friends, Eats & Workouts

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all are having a great Monday. I also hope you're ready for a massive recap post!

Last Monday was SO beautiful outside... We had a ton of fall colored leaves in our front yard and it's starting to really look and feel like fall. Yay! I'm getting ready to put my Christmas tree up in the next few days and I'm so excited. <3 Anyways, after work that day, I headed to the gym for a lifting sesh with Tyler! It was an upper body workout...
Shout-out to our "special" (emphasis on special) friend, Shawn. He so badly wanted to be in my blog post so I'm making his dreams come true... Haha! For real though, glad we have good friends to workout with-- It makes the gym sessions a little more fun!
After our workout, our friend Chase asked if we wanted to meet him for dinner. We met him at Cheddar's and it was pretty tasty.
Tuesday was a very slow day at work...but luckily I work with some pretty great people so it makes the day a little easier. After work, I headed to the gym once again and got a leg day in. I have a love/hate relationship with leg days. Ha! Luckily, this particular workout went realllly well. I got in there and crushed it! Speaking of crushing workouts, am I the only girl out there that plans her workouts around her hair washing schedule? LOL Everyone makes fun of me but it's true... The days I don't plan on washing my hair, I do a lighter workout so I don't sweat. The days I know I'm going to be washing my hair, I work my butt off. I usually do extra cardio at the end of my workouts on those days as well. Side note: I love my elephant shirt... Elephants are one of my favorite animals! ;)
Audrey (my awesome co-worker) made dinner for us and it was delicious--She even named it after me! "Charity's Pizza Pull-Apart Sammich"  I'm pretty sure she told me it was the first thing to sell out last week... Ha! ;)
Nothing major happened on Wednesday or Thursday besides church and nightly workouts like usual. I feel like I say that every week but I guess that's what you get when you're a corporate workin' gal! I'm going to post proof that I did make it to the gym at least 3 times this week though... (even though I technically went 4 times! BOOM!)
Friday, Tyler and I got off work early and headed to Tulsa to see Maren Morris...
 Oh! I did get my nails done on Thursday...(Duh Charity!) I'll insert a picture! This is my favorite color ever!
Anyways... Back to Friday night! ;) I had been looking forward to this concert f.o.r.e.v.e.r and she definitely didn't disappoint! As I've mentioned a billion times, she has one of the best albums ever. There were a couple of months back that I literally listened to it all day, every day. Ha! I can't wait for her next one!

Before the concert, we ate at Cheesecake Factory... Even though we had said we weren't going to this time! Whoops.
Once we got to the Brady Theatre, we got to our seats and then it got interesting...

The opening artist began (who is actually Maren Morris' fiancĂ© btw), and the people in front of us stood. Naturally, Tyler and I stood as well. Before I knew it, this older lady was tapping on my shoulder telling me to SIT DOWN because her and her family couldn't see. Uhhhhh, you're at a country concert ma'am, not the opera! I had never been told to sit down at a concert before-- it threw me off. I tried not to be rude to her but told her no at first because we couldn't see with the people standing in front of us. She THEN got up, walked up to the other people standing, told THEM to sit down and then "made" us sit. I was literally SO MAD... lol There was a couple sitting next to us and once the opening artist was done, the incident that had just taken place struck up a conversation between us. We wound up having a TON in common and had an awesome time getting to know them. (Hey Larissa and Eric!) We wound up becoming friends on Facebook and plan to stay in touch. We also plan on meeting up again one day! They love going to country concerts... I'm pretty sure they've been to more than us! 

The concert was soooo good! I was honestly a little "iffy" about whether she was going to be any good live. Any time I've heard her on TV, I haven't been impressed. However, she was actually really good and I would see her again! 
Her and her fiancé, Ryan Hurd, sang a song together called "Chasing After You" and it was amazing. However, I can't find it anywhere on YouTube. I believe it's going to be on her next album so I will post it as soon as it comes out. Until then, enjoy this song that Ryan wrote about how he and Maren Morris met... He sang it at the concert and it was super sweet! <3

Saturday we took fall pictures and then chilled around the house for most of the day. I watched some Hallmark movies and fell asleep later that evening.

Sunday (yesterday) was church and we met my parents for lunch at Frank's Italian Restaurant afterwards...
We ended the evening by watching Charlie Brown: The Great Pumpkin. I seriously love this time of year when all of these little shows start playing. Now another work week has begun and it's going to be a bittersweet one... But more on that later! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Love always,

"Life isn't meant to be easy, it's meant to be lived... Sometimes happy, other times rough. But with every up and down you learn lessons that make you strong."