Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekend Recap: Sister Date & Cupcakes

Hello lovelies & Happy Monday!

How has another weekend already come and gone? I feel like they are getting shorter and shorter as each week passes. I have to admit, I'm getting extremely excited about having a few days off for my cousin's wedding in a few weeks-- followed by some time off for Thanksgiving a couple weeks later! WoooooHoooo! But until then, let's hop right in to this weekend recap shall we? ;)

After I got off work on Friday, I headed straight to VB to pick up my sister from my parents house. I was SO excited for our annual "sister date" to North West Arkansas-- I could hardly contain it! We try to do something like this every year and I have come to love the little tradition. I hope we never get too busy for it. <3

The trip began with us singing to the ENTIRE soundtrack of "The Sound of Music" in the car. Ha! We both love that movie and have watched it way too many times. I think I'm going to have to get out my DVD again and watch it one weekend very soon. 

Once we got to Rogers, we hit some major traffic. Those "Rogerenians" (inside joke lol) drive me crazy with their driving! Once we finally made it, we had a few minutes to spare before our reservations at P.F. Chang's. We headed to The Fresh Market that was next door and walked the aisles in amazement. I think I may have liked this place better than Whole Foods-- and those of you who know me know I LOVE Whole Foods. I so wish we had a store like this in Fort Smith!

Beware of the "witch fingers" below... Muhahahaha. (I digress... Moving on... lol)

They had an AMAZING variety of coffee beans. I think I smelled every single one of them! Teehee. They also had these Strawberry Shortcake Almonds pictured below. I am really wishing I would have gotten some to try... I think Tyler would have really liked them. They looked de-lish!

Look at this avocado on the left... It's massive! Also, my sister and I decided that we need our grocery stores to start putting these handy little "Ripe Ready To Eat" stickers on their avocado's. Ha! I always tend to buy rotten ones. *eye roll*

Ok enough on my obsession with health food stores... I'll try to get on to more exciting things now! LOL ;)

It was finally time to eat dinner! *And the choir sang... "Hallelujah, Hallelujah!"*
My sister decided to do a little "glamour shot" before we headed inside... She's so purrrrrty. She takes after her big sister huh!? Kidddddding... ;)
We ordered WAY too much food... but it was delicious! We started out with crispy fried green beans, and shared Chang's Spicy Chicken and Beef Lo Mein as our main meal.

Once we got done eating, we decided to do a little shopping/walking around the Promenade. It was such a beautiful evening and the weather was perfect. I loved seeing the trees wrapped in lights, it made for such pretty scenery!

When you find a massive mirror, you gotta stop for some sister selfies right? ;) 
After we walked around for a bit, we took a seat outside and had some sister talk for about an hour before heading to get some coffee for the drive back home. 

The next morning, my mom called me with some not-so-good news about my G-mama. She was diagnosed with stage four cancer. :( If you could please keep her in your prayers, that would be greatly appreciated. 

My mom and dad headed out to Georgia to be with her so my sister decided to head home earlier than planned that day. Before she headed out, Tyler and I introduced her to our favorite Gyro spot. It was super tasty as usual! Once we got my sister on the road, we decided to get a couple of cupcakes from my favorite place, Sweet Boutique! If you've never had a cupcake from there, I highly recommend you give it a try. My two favorites are the Oreo and Chocolate Chip Cookie-Dough! <3
The rest of the evening was spent at home watching Hallmark movies and I couldn't have been happier!

Sunday was church and both services were awesome! We came home and had leftover pasta salad from the night before (click here for recipe, I used a higher protein pasta this time!) and snacked on a cookie dough blast from Sonic! 

As for today, work was pretty busy but the day seemed to drag! This time of year always seems to drag at work though. I think it's because I'm just SO ready for the holidays to get here! Anyways, I just got back from the gym a little bit ago and now I'm cooking dinner. I plan on spending the rest of the evening curled up in my leopard chair, watching more Hallmark movies! #noshame

I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Love always,

"If you can't build with them, don't chill with them."

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