Sunday, November 5, 2017

Week Recap: Fall Leaves, Football, Eats, Workouts + More

Hello lovelies!

Happy Sunday to you all...I know I usually post my weekly recaps on Monday but I thought I would go ahead and get it up tonight instead. I have a busy week coming up so I wanted to make sure I still get a blog post up. Let's jump right in to this weekly recap!

Last Monday flew by at work... Like, I have no clue where the day went! Actually, the entire WEEK flew by last week. I'm not sure if it was because it was my last week with all my people or what, but it definitely went by fast. Anyways, I started out with my morning cup of coffee and we had a fun game of Phone-Call Bingo that took place that day. We always had monthly activities in that department-- to keep things from getting stale. That's one thing I'm definitely going to miss. :(

I only needed ONE MORE to have Bingo... Laaaaame! (Not pictured, I took this first thing that morning)
After work, we headed to church for a big music practice. I honestly didn't feel like going... I wanted to stay home and watch a Christmas movie! I'm still not over this stupid sickness and when I feel like this, I tend to be a hermit. Speaking of Christmas though... I finally started my Christmas shopping and I'm feeling accomplished. If you don't shop online, you're seriously missing out! It's. So. Easy. Amazon is definitely my friend this time of year-- I plan on doing a "gift guide" in a couple of weeks... Get excited! <3

Tuesday was another day at work and it was also Halloween! It turned out to be a beautiful day so I got to pull out my cozy fall sweater to wear...
After work, it was time for an intense gym sesh! I am feeling so motivated right now... I saw a couple pictures of myself the other day and realized how much weight I've put on the past few months. I can mostly see it in my face... And here's one of the reasons why: Bleh. No Self-Control.
I've been "yolo-ing" it with my diet lately but I refuse to let myself go back and lose all the progress I've made. After having that peanut butter chocolate chip pizza at work (which was totally nice of our bosses to do butttt....*hitting forehead*), I was determined to sweat my booty off that night. This particular day was leg day. I'll post the workout I did below... Make sure to give it a try if you want to get a good burn!

It was SO cold in the gym... Brrrr.

The gym crew... (Yes, the scary dummy bag as well... Ha! Sometimes that thing seriously creeps me out while I work out... LOL!)

Wednesday was a really good day at work. By this point in the week, I was trying to take in every last second of my time left in my old department. My awesome friend, Alex, helped me get my new MacBook up and running on our lunch break. That dude is so smart when it comes to technology! I'm so glad I have friends that know what they're doing when it comes to this kind of stuff. I'm technologically challenged. Ha! 
After work, I met mom for our weekly Mexican food fix. When I got home, I took a short stroll down our street and looked at the pretty fall trees. The weather was PERFECT so I wanted to take it all in for a few minutes before church. <3
That brings us to Thursday. You know those days that you just feel... down? That was my day! I'm not sure if it was because I started cleaning out my desk and packing up my things to move or what, but I just felt kind of sad. When I got off work, I headed straight to the gym and worked my butt off. I was in one of those moods where I was working out so intensely that the time flew by.
When I got home, all I wanted to do was watch 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and of course Netflix didn't have it anymore. Ugh. So I decided to cook dinner instead for Tyler and I... Salmon and Jasmine Rice! Sounds easy right? Ha! I undercooked the salmon, forgot to vent the bag of rice before putting it in the microwave and it exploded everywhere. At that point, I literally just started bawling my eyes out... I had burn marks on my arms and neck from where the rice exploded on me and a huge mess to clean up. Tyler hurried to help me clean up and comfort me! Ha! He then did the sweetest thing ever for me... I came in to the living room and he had found 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' on a different program and had it waiting for me! <3 (I cried... again! LOL)

Friday got here and I said goodbye to all of my friends... I won't go in to all of that again since I did a separate blog post on it but yeah... tough day! Lots of hugs went around! Ha! 

All packed up...

I was planning on putting up my Christmas tree Friday night but honestly, it was hot outside and it just didn't feel like the Holiday season! *eye roll* Instead, we grabbed a pizza on the way home after grocery shopping and watched Hallmark movies. I also fell asleep to the sound of the ocean thanks to my new favorite app, Deep Relax. LOL Don't judge me... Just try it for yourself! ;) (Music Box and Ocean together is amazing!)

Saturday morning, I woke up and headed to my hair salon to get my hair colored and trimmed. I'm wanting to get back to my natural hair color since my hair is in such bad shape-- and the blonde is definitely NOT helping! (Even though I love my blonde hair!!!) I love my hair girl... She always knows how to give me the perfect balance. She made my hair much darker but then ran some blonde throughout it so I could still have some in it.

I'm REALLY thinking about going shorter next time...

That evening, we went to my parents house for football and Frito chili pies! My sister and brother-n-law were in town so I was really happy to see them.

As far as today goes, I'm about to head to church and tomorrow I start my new job! I am SO nervous but I know it's going to be great. I only work 3 1/2 days this week and then I'm headed to Georgia for my cousin's wedding so I don't figure the training will be too intense. I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Love always,

"The words you speak become the house you live in."