Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Shopping, Workouts, Lots of Thai Food & Saying Goodbye To My Friend

Hello lovelies and HAPPY Monday!

We are officially two weeks away from Christmas... Can you believe it? I'm getting in to the holiday spirit like crazy and I can't WAIT to spend Christmas with my family! I'm currently sitting in my big leopard chair with the Christmas tree lit and a yummy candle burning. <3

I wanna go ahead and jump right in to this weekly recap post!

Monday was super busy at work and nothing too interesting happened that day. I came home that evening because I wasn't feeling very good and sat around, watched some TV and ate dinner.

The next day at work was a bit slower but I actually didn't mind...
Haha, I have some pretty nerdy friends and I always remind them of that fact. I happened to look over to my bosses desk and saw this sign hanging. It made me laugh! 

After work, Tyler and I headed to the gym to get a quick workout in before meeting our friend Chase at Tassanee's for dinner.
Chase's last day in Fort Smith is tomorrow so we spent a LOT of time with him this past week. (As you'll see throughout this blog post!)

Wednesday and Thursday flew by! I headed to the gym for a workout (insert gym selfie for proof lol) and then spent the rest of the evening snuggled up in my chair.
Friday rolled around and I was SO HAPPY it was the weekend! An awesome co-worker of mine brought us, 7:00ers,  Chick-fil-a breakfast and it was goooood. 

Kayla and I also were twinning that day in our Sam Edelman boots! ;)
Later that evening, we met up with Chase for Thai food... Again! Ha!

Saturday morning, I woke up to coffee in bed from my sweet hubs! We geared up and headed in to town to get some Christmas shopping done. I am proud to say that we got 95% of it complete. WOO! We headed to Texas Roadhouse for lunch! 

Oh! And we ate Thai food with Chase AGAIN that night! LOL! What you'll do for friends when they're about to move away... ;)
I absolutely love my new coffee mug that I found while we were out and about...
Sunday morning, we headed to church and ate lunch at Miss Anna's. I've been obsessed with their burger and we've gone the last four weeks! Whoops. I also pulled out my fur vest because I was FREEZING that morning. #nomakeup
After church, we went by Chase's apartment to say our final goodbye! :( It was super sad but I'm happy that he's going to be closer to his family. I know we will all stay in touch! 

Once we got home, Tyler and I got the Christmas gifts wrapped put in to bags and then spent the rest of the evening washing clothes and getting ready for the new week.  (And yes, I'm aware my Christmas tree still has ZERO ornaments hung! Ha!)
I think that's all for today! Tomorrow at work is going to be a blast... We are going to be spending most of the day eating pizza and bowling for our Christmas party! Woot! I hope you all have a fantastic week! 

Love always,

"Don't fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today!"

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